O.G.A. Passport Club
- $ 100.00

** NOTE:  The End of Summer Sale price is $100 for the Passport plus OGA Membership. If you are buying this Passport for someone other than yourself, it is best to conduct the order by telephone at (503) 981-4653. We can process a phone order in five minutes or less.

Included with this Passport purchase are all the usual OGA Member Benefits (free resources for USGA Handicap Index, Employee Store Access and more) in addition to the savings that comes with being a member of this club. 

Upon joining, your GHIN Number / OGA Member ID Number will be created (or re-activated for returning members).

Please call the OGA office if you have any questions and we will help you sign up over the phone:  (503) 981-4653.

I confirm that my age is 18 or above.